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Chi da line profile

 Guangdong tzu chi line of new material co., LTD. Is a collection of rubber research and development of new materials, shoes material (bottom) design and development, mold manufacturing, shoes material (bottom) production and marketing services in the integration of innovative science and technology enterprises; Is composed of a dozen master, doctor and experts of the company's technical research and development team, the company developed strong technical force, has a rubber and plastic new material for a patent for invention and utility model patent technology and so on dozens of. With China leather and footwear industry research institute jointly established "rubber shoes material research institute" and establish the "tzu chi international new materials research and development center". Company research and development design, production of rubber sole leisure "comfortable, fashionable, environmental protection" as the core element of consumption, has become the domestic many recreational shoe brand, enterprise's first choice, deeply the general customers and consumers of praise and welcome, products has been leading the trend of fashion and the domestic recreational shoe market direction. With many well-known shoe brand domestic (outside) closely cooperation; Aspects such as: belle,, aokang, red dragonfly, montagut, kangnai, bindu, wood Tomlinson, Ma Naier, goldlion, polo club, Pierre cardin... And so on.

The company was founded in October 2004, since founded more than ten years, always adhere to "professional, integrity, service, innovation" as the enterprise objective; With the "people-oriented, win-win cooperation, happy to share" is the management idea; To "efficient work, happy life, create happiness enterprise" as the cultural core; "In order to your satisfaction we never stop" for the spirit of innovation. Mature and perfect organization system; Team a fine style, work, pragmatic and enterprising; Company directly under the framework established respectively: brand marketing center, production center, financial management center of the south China sea, heshan branch, intelligence company, which is the Great Wall group, TRB group and the international division.

The south China sea 16 production center has advanced rubber production lines (group) and a full range of laboratory testing equipment and research and development equipment, the production base is located in foshan city of the south China sea in the south China sea water chau village industrial zone, covers an area of 15 mu, the production area of 12000 square meters, production management and technical staff of more than 200 people, the monthly production capacity of 800000 pairs.

The manufacturing center of the south China sea in the research and development department is located in foshan nanhai water chau village industrial zone, covers an area of more than 3000 square meters, technical staff of more than 100 people, including major, above technical secondary school of professional research and development personnel more than 40 people; The center has advanced 2 d / 3 d design software, 3 d scanners, dozens of sets of CNC numerical control equipment and up &will waste, milling, drilling, such as imitation cut large mold equipment. At present, the company independent research and development design every month 100 balance and production mold more than 500 new sole vice; And establish the last workshop, materials research and development room, shaping the workshop, such as one-stop platform to develop.

Heshan branch company is located in yinhe Chen Shan yao from the existing shek wu industrial development zone and the two industrial development zone, covers an area of 35 mu, the production area of more than 25000 square meters, production management and technical staff of more than 300 people, the monthly production capacity of 1 million pairs; Think of Great Wall company is located in China shoes in wenzhou lucheng industrial development zone, the company and wenzhou shoes material leading enterprises to establish joint venture cooperation, the Great Wall is the sole company from aspects of the research and development, production, sales and service company for resource sharing, combination, common in wenzhou market.

Companies with strong research and development, production capacity and perfect market sales and service capabilities, its products have been leading China recreational shoe fashion trend and direction of the market, as China's casual shoes a beacon. At present, the company has three major product series: respectively is RB series, which is the rubber molding bottom - lightweight high elastic rubber foam series and TRB - high brightness soft injection rubber series, and has a number of related invention patents and other intellectual property rights.

Company brand marketing center set up in guangzhou zhanxi road business circle melco Penn square, have a professional sales service team more than 60 people; Center to establish a one-stop sales and service center, the national unified customer service hotline at 400-665-5550. Companies in dongguan, heshan, maoming, zhongshan, fujian, wenzhou, set up sales offices; And to the "wisdom of business school", "the world" brand inside publish magazines and "sole mall. Com" website.

 Company independent research and development to establish the "agile production organization pattern for personalized" consumption age "with a little more, according to single production, rapid response to market, instant delivery" of the domestic market and build production management mode, which is sometimes called "tzu chi da model"; Was the industry known as the third milestone in industrialization process (the first stage is "model," ford assembly line, the second phase is the "Toyota way" lean production). Company with innovation and influence, two major indicators awarded the "national top ten shoes material enterprise", "national top ten innovative shoes materials enterprises" title, the company's professional sole brand "chi", "zhida - there were" in the national (private) battalion enterprise research institute, China national brand working committee, the national trade association for the advancement of shoemaking industry information center, the national standardization of shoe center, national quality supervision and inspection center of footwear and other authoritative organization named "China famous brand", "China high quality famous brand product", "Chinese shoes industry top ten brand", "independent innovation in China national brand", and "China top ten shoes materials enterprises" title, and camels, aokang, Saturday, red dragonfly, kangnai brand's "Chinese footwear industry's most valuable brands", one of gradually become China's first professional leisure sole brand!

Company chairman wu tzu was touted as the industry 80 after startup and benchmarking model, has also been rated as "China's outstanding private entrepreneurs", China's private economic leaders as well as "guangdong province outstanding entrepreneur" title; In addition, wu da chi chairman also keen on all kinds of social public welfare undertakings, founded the "happiness, love fund", endowed "Stuart gulliver hope school" and the construction of rural roads, etc., to perform the social responsibility actively.

Development timeline:

In 2003,
Start at zhanxi road shoes city square on the Banks of melco A63-1, only 10 square meters of the early small mouth

In 2004,

October: water town in nanhai district chau village lease cover plant founded "ZhiEr rubber shoes material factory"; Only 4 set of the machine, the early nearly hundred employees.

In 2005,

In June, the company expanded scale of operation in the plaza, 3319-3321 on the Banks of melco office set up "guangzhou wisdom line of shoes material co., LTD."

"Customer service center was established in September,"

10, founded two Zhou Qingdian activities; Successfully develop "bao yuan, model, building agile production organization system" of the "first five-year development plan

In 2006,

In march, won the title of Hong Kong industry chamber of commerce member forever

In June, was awarded in yuexiu district of guangzhou city leather shoe industry association executive vice President of units
10, set up three Zhou Qingdian activities; Fully implementing "5 s" on-site management, and import the lean production system
12, registered website and to the industry

In 2007,

In march, won the industry chamber of commerce in guangzhou, vice President of units

In June, won the guangdong shoes material industry association executive vice President

In August, new factory relocation, expand the scale of production, increase to 14 group production unit.

In September, is import ISO9001:2000 quality certification management system

Held in October, wonderfull celebration - ZhiEr of rubber shoes material factory was set up in and around the new factory opening ceremony (tasting) wine culture activities

In 2008,

Founded in March, "ZhiEr rubber science and technology research and development testing center", imported from Taiwan high speed rail laboratory testing equipment, set up laboratories, research and development room

In June, the import ERP information management system, and fully to create agile production organization system; Called as "wise mode" flexible production system.

Held in October, the theme of "thin four years, have you think of all the way!" The fourth anniversary of activity; And enclosed a three-day "enterprise heart to heart" training activities, directed by famous enterprise manager, Dr Su Peide.

In 2009,

Founded in March, "ZhiEr rubber mold development and design center", and establish the mold production workshop and r&d center.
In June, the company changed its name to "foshan nanhai ZhiYi footwear technology co., LTD."

Founded in September, "think of the customer service center", to establish a one-stop sales service center, a unified national customer service hotline: 400-665-665.

Successfully held in October, the theme of "pattern, VIBRAM China" the fifth anniversary celebration; And develop "efficient work, happy life, create happiness wisdom of enterprise" "should be" development plan.
In November, by Britain's industrial technology certification "SATRA" (" jie ") certification, and has authorized qualification test lab.

In December, won the "national top ten shoes materials enterprises" title.

In 2010,

In march, marketing center set up sales department, development department, pin tube three department sales model gradually by the "shopkeeper" to "the hong merchants".

In June, start the internal shareholding system reform, cultivate the listing plan.

In June, won the "China high quality famous brand product", "Chinese shoes industry top ten brand", such as honor.

Held in October, the theme of "hand in hand to capital to promote industrial upgrading, integration of industry towards the capital markets," the sixth anniversary celebration activities, and to undertake the first session of the pearl river delta footwear enterprise development capital BBS - "the enterprise listed financing way".

In 2011,

In march, in the process of establishing production base of heshan.

Founded in May, "dongguan division", "office of maoming" sales and service department.
In June, wu da chi chairman won the outstanding entrepreneur in guangdong province.

In September, was awarded guangzhou shoe industry chamber of commerce, vice President of units
Heshan branch in October, held the theme of "hand in hand to capital to promote industrial upgrading, integration of resources to the capital markets," the seventh anniversary celebration activities, and to undertake the second session of the pearl river delta capital BBS footwear enterprise development;

In November, was awarded the third China leather industry overall list "suppliers in excellence" honor

In 2012,

Founded in March, wisdom of business; Open "outstanding manager class" and "the housing manager class" for the enterprise, industry training professional talents.

In may, the company upgrade renamed as "guangdong wisdom of new material co., LTD.", the registered capital of capital increase to 10 million
In August, and shoes material leading enterprises in wenzhou Great Wall material company jointly funded subsidiary "wenzhou Great Wall wisdom of shoes materials technology co., LTD."

In September, and China leather and footwear industry research institute jointly set up the "China leather and footwear industry research institute (guangdong) rubber shoes material research institute"

In October, the theme of "efficient work, happy life, create happiness wisdom of enterprises" eighth anniversary celebrations

In 2013,

In January, "the world" brand group was founded.

In march, houjie town, dongguan set up "the wisdom of new materials (material) international research and development center". Research and development which is the rubber and plastic new materials.
May, won the "best comfort quality materials", "best materials science and technology innovation award", "the most growth, footwear brand", "top ten shoe material suppliers" honor.

Held in October, the theme of "efficient work, happy life, create happiness wisdom of enterprises" eighth anniversary celebrations and; Love fund "set up" happiness committee and party branch, workers' life.

In November, to carry out rectification learning activities, strengthen the management responsibilities.

Founded in December, the company spent more than 3500 ten thousand yuan "gold kinder (heshan) new material co., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary, purchase land, plant more than 15000 square meters, build the TCR (foam rubber) research and development production base.

In 2014,

June: the company officially changed its name to "guangdong tzu new material co., LTD."

Held on October: the theme of "tzu chi ten years yong across, one hundred brand new set sail" ten anniversary celebration activity; And setting up a "firm faith, innovation, create the first brand leisure shoes!" The "3 by 5" development plan.

November: a district-level "tzu chi line rubber new materials engineering and technology research and development center".
December: won the "unique enterprise in guangdong province advanced unit", won the "2014 annual industrial upgrading technology innovation units" honor.

In 2015,

In march, the realization of website, micro mall, WeChat public platform of three nets, start the intelligent marketing.

In April, through national production supervision bureau issued the qualification certification of safe production standardization production units

In may, wu da chi, chairman was awarded guangzhou "li wan good youth entrepreneurship" honor.

In June, the company won the "national shoe standardization technical committee members," become "casual shoes", "shoe outsole" national quality standards drafting unit.

In July, and lanxess chemical (China) co., LTD., research and development of signed a strategic cooperation agreement, to develop new rubber materials.

In August, a new round of ISO9001:2008 quality management system passed.

In September, to apply for "national hi-tech enterprise" has been approved by the science of guangdong province

In October, the district "tzu chi line rubber materials engineering and technology research and development center" upgraded to a municipal engineering center. Won the title of "guangdong famous brand product"!