Shoe companies management three big magic weapon
Post date: 2017-12-02

Workshop director is the head of the workshop, management personnel, yard equipment and regional daily chores. Shop is at the heart of man, so the management of the staff is the primary, is also the most critical. So, how to do a good job in management, arouse the enthusiasm of staff, let a worker has a self management power, ensure safety, promote efficiency? I suggest that we should consider the following several aspects:

01, "" little" tube"

The so-called management, not criticism, blame, command and control. It contains two aspects of content, both "tube" and "reason".

 "Tube", it is management. We know that the weakness of human nature is not willing to be tube, do not want to be constraints. Some managers like to put on AIRS management, be overbearing, thrusting, caused by managers complain, even don't obey the management, this is the worst of the management. Therefore, effective management, must conform to the human nature, to obey, to get things straighten out and clarify. For enterprises, management is not the goal, to ensure safe lifting efficiency is the destination, if no threat to both, there are some things that don't need to pipe.

"Reason", it is reasonable. Today's young people are rebellious attitude, the more tube him, the more don't want to work, not to mention the work well, so, want to tell him to work, do good work, must first "good" their mood. Reasonable, let a worker from the heart understand and approved the supervisor's actions; Approached the worker, care staff, let them feel the warmth of the enterprise. Everyone hopes to get others' trust, respect, understanding and recognition, this is the biggest power of work, a good manager must considerate care worker.

02, more "prize" less "punishment"

War, the reward is a kind of positive beliefs, while punishment is a kind of negative inhibition. Enterprise management is the same.

People always eager to reward good rewards will stimulate staff internal potential, play an immeasurable role, on the contrary, often punish a person, will reduce his work enthusiasm, the negative slack at work also will cause security problems. So, the system allows the reward is a kind of very the good method that can effectively improve staff subjective initiative.

And, of course, not a manager like punishment, no punishment to ensure safety of an enterprise. Is advisable to first reward, punishment for later, more for less. Managers can not only see the worker's passive and lazy, produced for the purpose of penalty management system, and should see the enterprise also has a lot of excellent employees. The worker should also understand the intention of the director, unwilling to lag behind, positive enterprising, based on the job, serious and responsible. To establish an incentive mechanism, both promote each other, ensure safety, implementation efficiency, this is the connotation of people-oriented, and one of the best management methods.

03, more "q" less "check"

As a manager, it is important to the worker's trust. To check the energy into the after work to ask, to seize the key, ask more, less delegating check task team, for the problem, team after analysis on its own. Practice has proved that "to control a new, full renovation" mutual control measures can effectively control problems, at the same time reduce the responsible spirit pressure, helps to form a team good team consciousness, strengthen team cohesion, guarantee personal safety!

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